The Health, Hygiene & Microbiome Of The Vagina

PodcastLaura Ellen

Vagina Microbiome you say?! All the information EVERY woman needs to know when caring for the health of her pussy. Moira shares with us her wealth of knowledge with 17 years experience, on the topic in this episode from discharge to bacteria, sexual interactions to vaginal imbalance, she has us covered. Want a healthy vagina? Then this episode is not to be missed!

Self Love & Sexuality After Sexual Abuse

PodcastLaura Ellen

Bravery, self love and healing is the theme of this podcast. Maria shares the deeply intimate and very real details of her road to recovery after the resurfacing of the suppressed memories of her sexually abusive childhood. She shares her top tips on self love, and embracing pleasure and sexual intimacy as a survivor of sex abuse.

Eroticism, Spaciousness & Sexy Self Care In Motherhood

PodcastLaura Ellen

Let’s explore sexuality in motherhood. Because this is so important to be aware of, not only when you’re a mother yourself, but for all ages and phases so that we can shift the mainstream expectations of the “perfect” mum to something more real, more alive and turned on. Tune in and get some useful insights on how to create spaciousness for self care within the busy life of a mother.

Pleasure, Power & Self Care For Your Pussy

PodcastLaura Ellen

Join Laura and Leela in their intimate and truly enlightening conversation about all things pussy. Leela shares her deeply touching experience as a Yoni masseuse, (which literally brought tears to our eyes) as well discusses some extremely important yet so often overlooked topics like asking for permission, developing consent culture in our relationships, asking for our desires and so much more.

The Power of Sound & Speaking Your Truth

PodcastLaura Ellen

What does your pleasure sound like in the bedroom? Does it feel authentic and like it’s coming from your deepest “ooooo-YES” or is it silenced? We believe everything about self-expression through sound (not only in, but outside the bedroom as well!) is super important for our overall well being. Why?